A European Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): a game-changer for the ECB?

Industry expert and the ECB share their vision on the topic.

Learn how a shift to Central Bank Digital Currencies can impact the world we live in.


Webinar CBDC speakers

A recent survey among 66 central banks by the Bank for International Settlements shows that more than 80% are working on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). The European Central Bank is one of them.
Not because they want to keep up with fashionable trends, but because they have to be ready.
Ready to embrace financial technological innovation which has the potential to transform payments and money faster, and in more disruptive ways, than ever before.

We invites special guest Ulrich Bindseil, Director General of Market infrastructure & payments at the ECB, who will bring you up to speed on the topic.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is a Central Bank Digital Currency?

  • How would a CBDC look like in a European context?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of shifting towards the digital currency realm?

  • How far are we from implementing such policies in Europe and around the world?


Matthew Van Niekerk-1

Matthew Van Niekerk
Founder & CEO SettleMint

Matthew is the Founder & CEO of SettleMint, a leading provider of blockchain solutions in Europe, Middle East and APAC. He obtained his Masters Degree in Economics, specializing in Economic Development and Game theory from Western University, London, Canada and later his Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Vlerick Business School, Leuven, Belgium. He started his career in finance in Tokyo and after 7 years in Japan, moved to Belgium where he worked for the leading bank KBC. He held roles as a Strategy Consultant, Chief Operating Officer (Consumer Finance) and finally Head of Platform Innovation for KBC Securities. Matthew believes in the benefits that the technology will bring to organizations and to society, which is why he wants to accelerate the adoption of the technology and simplify the blockchain journey for enterprises. 

Ulrich Bindseil

Ulrich Bindseil
Director General Market infrastructure & payments ECB

Ulrich Bindseil is the Director General of the ECB’s Directorate General for Market Infrastructures and Payment Systems (DG-MIP) since 1 November 2019. Previously, he had been the ECB’s Director General for Market Operations (since May 2012) and head of the ECB's Risk Management Division (between 2005 and 2008). Ulrich has joined central banking in 1994, namely in the Economics Department of the Deutsche Bundesbank, after his Economics studies. His publications include: Monetary Policy Operations and the Financial System (OUP, 2014); Central banking before 1800 – A rehabilitation (OUP, 2019).

Filip Peeters

Filip Peeters
Blockchain expert - moderator

Filip is a blockchain expert working at SettleMint, responsible for business development in Europe and collaborating with European institutions. He obtained his Masters Degree in Economics, specializing in International Business and Innovation, at the KU Leuven. He has also been involved in the digital currency space for some years and is a strong believer in its future potentia