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Blockchain: A tool for enhancing trust & transparency in government

Learn from early adopters, get strategic insights, and explore in-production use cases.

Co-authored by Fujitsu  

Discover how government is using blockchain to improve vital services, and learn what many in government view as blockchain’s integral role in the future.


What's inside

Grasp the potential benefits

Government services should be efficient both in terms of time and money. They also should be as transparent and fair as possible. Unfortunately, prioritizing efficiency usually comes at the cost of transparency and fairness, and vice versa. Understand how blockchain can simultaneously increase efficiency and transparency & fairness.


Explore the ways government can use blockchain

Blockchain is poised to transform a wide variety of government services.  Take an in-depth dive into some of the services blockchain will affect the most:

  • Digital national identity
  • Procurement
  • Voting
  • Registries
  • Healthcare
  • Regulation 
  • Administration 

Follow the progress of government use of blockchain

Find out about a wide variety of blockchain-based pilot projects as well as in-production projects that are already attempting to address shortcomings in legacy government services. Utilize this information to develop an overview of the current state of blockchain in government and where the biggest opportunities are.


Obtain insights into how government can leverage blockchain beyond services

Increasingly, government is seeing blockchain as essential infrastructure for the information age. At the same time, government is also realising the broad economic implications of blockchain. Understand how government supported blockchain initiatives are deploying on the global stage.

Matthew Van Niekerk-2

“With Europe taking an extremely proactive approach towards accelerating blockchain adoption, and the in the context of China promoting the technology at the highest levels of power, the coming years are very likely to see rapid innovation and uptake in the sector. Given that most organizations still have limited technical capacity to build and engage with blockchain solutions, however, there’s a real danger that many organizations will be left behind. As a technology facilitator for blockchain, our goal at SettleMint is to ensure that all organizations have the opportunity to leverage blockchain technology towards bringing the wide potential benefits it offers.” - Matthew Van Niekerk - Founder & CEO SettleMint


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