Asset Tokenization 

Stop just thinking about asset tokenisation.
Build a blockchain proof of concept yourself and capitalize on this $16 trillion opportunity.

May 30th | 10 am CET 


In this guided workshop, you will:

  • Understand the full asset tokenization workflow that you can adopt for your use case
  • Discover how to create, mint, burn and transfer tokenized assets
  • Build and deploy an ERC-1155 asset tokenization smart contract 
  • Learn how to utilize decentralized storage, such as IPFS, for asset tokenization
  • Deploy a Hyperledger Besu Node as part of your asset tokenization use case
  • Leverage Integration Studio to connect your asset tokenization dApp with your frontend
  • Get free access to the SettleMint platform, including detailed guides and resources
  • Claim an exclusive POAP to showcase your new asset tokenization skills

Spots are extremely limited so register to save your spot now!

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Why you should attend this BUIDL session?

Even if you have realized the size of the asset tokenization opportunity that exists today, it can be daunting to know where to start. SettleMint is the perfect platform for any developers who want to seize the opportunity and kickstart their blockchain transformation journey right now.

We’re offering this live, guided workshop so you can stop just thinking about asset tokenization and start building a use case for yourself!

Our experienced instructors will walk you through all the steps from A to Z of how you can build a fully functioning blockchain asset tokenization use case.

We abstract away the complexity of blockchain so you can start building - even if you have no Web3 development experience!

Meet our workshop instructors 

Elton Tay
Dev Rel Engineer
La Pyae Thit
Product Communications Lead