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Limited Offer

 6-month blockchain proof of concept 

Get full use case & business case validation at a fraction of the cost.

Lay the foundations to launch a full-scale pilot in your organization. 

What's the deal? 

For a limited time, SettleMint is making a special offer for Middle East and Africa.

For a limited time you can benefit from:

  6-month, rapid proof of concept 

  Smart contract & use case templates 

  3 workshops with a SettleMint Expert  

  Rapid results at reduced costs 

  Gain data & experience 

  Foundations for full-scale deployment

  No Commitment 

Before paying anything, we will go through your use case with you to ensure that blockchain is a suitable technology for the challenges you want to overcome.

Note that in order to best take advantage of this offer, subject matter experts from your organisation need to get involved.

Get started by connecting with our blockchain experts.

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Project Roadmap 

Why SettleMint? 


Lightning Fast Deployment

SettleMint provides the #1 low-code platform for enterprise blockchain.

It is our mission to make it possible for any organization to innovate with blockchain incredibly fast.

How do we do this?

By taking the complexity out of blockchain technology, so any organization can accelerate blockchain adoption and leverage the benefits it brings.

+ Discuss the platform's full capabilities & specs with a SettleMint Expert 

Low-Code Platform

SettleMint’s low-code platform makes it easy to deliver blockchain applications rapidly, taking a visual programming approach to innovate with speed and agility.

The platform includes a library of ready-to-use tools, frameworks, templates and APIs to accelerate the development of your blockchain use case. 

SettleMint offers a Blockchain-Platform-as-a-Service solution providing all the building blocks needed for your use case.

We offer not only a deployment environment, but also a complete development and middleware environment, all accessible online and deployable with just a few clicks.

This makes us the most complete platform to rapidly innovate with blockchain technology.

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What Makes The SettleMint Platform So Agile?

Lightning Fast Deployment

 Lightning fast deployment

• Low-code platform 

• Easy consortium management 

No Code Integration

No-code integration

• Ready-to-use APIs

• Multi-cloud & Multi-chain

Smart Contract Templates

Smart Contract templates

• Integrated Dev' Environment

• Simple interface & Dashboard

One Click Deployment

One-Click deployment 

• Zero-configuration admin UI

• Drag & Drop Integration Studio


Additional Services* 

  • Custom Web Application
  • More Workshops
  • Integration Assistance

Need more info on what additional services you might need?

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*Additional Services are not included in Limited Offer.
Price determined via consultation

Trusted By
Jonas van Hove

SettleMint was basically like Lego for us.
It allowed us to quickly implement blockchain technology in the Vinçotte meat tracing app for Carrefour in one weekend and a couple of days testing. Efficient and safe, just like Vinçotte.

Jonas Van Hove
Innovation manager at Vinçotte


Rapid, cost effective, proof of concept.  

Accelerate your time to market and be a leader in your industry.

Take advantage of our limited offer, before it's too late.


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“With Europe taking an extremely proactive approach towards accelerating blockchain adoption, and the in the context of China promoting the technology at the highest levels of power, the coming years are very likely to see rapid innovation and adoption in the sector. Given that most organizations have technical capacity constraints to build blockchain applications, there’s a danger that many organizations will be left behind. As a low code blockchain technology platform, our goal at SettleMint is to ensure organizations have the opportunity to leverage blockchain technology to capture the wide potential benefits the technology offers.” - Matthew Van Niekerk - Founder & CEO SettleMint


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